Wait List Policy

Children are eligible for admission into North Grenville Cooperative Preschool and Learning Centre programs from birth to 12 years of age.

  • NGCPLC does not charge a fee or deposit for the placement of their child on a waiting list for an unsecured spot in the child care centre.
  • NGCPLC wait list administered by the Director of Programs in a transparent manner that maintains the privacy and confidentiality of the children on the list.
  • Inquiries are entered on a general spreadsheet that will illustrate the date of the inquiry, age of child, anticipated start date and entries will be identified by a “family code” to protect confidentiality.
  • Further, specific details regarding the family name, contact information etc., will be maintained by the Director of Programs on a confidential spreadsheet.
  • Information about the wait list is available to prospective parents by calling the Director of Programs to inquire about the number of families on the wait list.
  • Parents may also ask to view the general spreadsheet to see the number of prospective families waiting on a childcare space.
  • Priority will be given to families that require full time care.
  • Part time members will be given the first option of going full time when space becomes available.
  • Siblings of children currently registered will be given priority over families who do not have a child registered with NGCPLC, providing there is available space.
  • It is recommended that siblings be placed on the wait list as soon as possible.
  • The NGCPLC Parent Handbook is available to any parent considering entering an agreement for the provision of child care.
  • The handbook is on the NGCPLC website and can also be provided via email or in hard copy.
  • An interview and site visit will be scheduled prior to enrolment so that families can become familiar with the program, meet the educators and ask questions.
  • A non-refundable $30/family registration fee will be charged at registration.
  • When registering for a secure spot in the centre, a $250/child deposit is required and will be applied towards the first month’s fees.
  • To receive a deposit refund, 30 days notice of withdrawal is required before the scheduled start date.